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Merely mentioning the name “Bosön” is enough to give some of us goose bumps. Bosön is the national development centre of the Swedish Sports Confederation. A meeting place where the focus is on performance and quality in our training, education and conference activities.

Bosön has demanded something from every visitor. These historic grounds have given birth to new stars, while others have stepped out into their lives armed with new knowledge, new goals and new ideas about the potential and significance of sports. Coming to Bosön is about respect for the past and the times we live in now. It is about dreams, community and the interaction between people in different situations and across all borders.

With the emphasis on performance and quality in elite-level sports, education, conference activities and networking, we aim to deliver the very best and the most innovative solutions for those who choose Bosön. This is what we want to define us, regardless of whether you are seeking glory and medals through training, have opted for an educational programme to reach new heights, or are a company hosting an important conference. This is Bosön – yesterday, today and in the future. We build success together.

Bosön is the power core of Swedish sports while also functioning as an historic meeting place with a legacy reaching all the way back to the 19th century. During the Winter War in Finland, a listening post was set up on this very site, where among other things the personnel deciphered German encryptions. Additionally, in the same year as the Second World War broke out, Bosön hosted its first educational programme, a cycling course for trainers and active cyclists. Once the war was over, Bosön expanded. The following decades saw intense activity – nearly every single Swedish athlete came to Bosön at least once in their career. Bosön’s myriad memories and its rich history lends gravitas to the training, education and conference activities taking place at our facilities today.

Elite athletes looking to develop through training, testing and classes make their way to Bosön. Various athletic associations gather here for training camps and inspiration. Leaders, CEOs, trainers and specialists undergo our educational programmes with the goal of preparing and deepening their role within the world of sports. Bosön is also a unique meeting place when it comes to conferences, development and growth influenced by a sports mentality. The current focus on training and health makes Bosön highly attractive to companies looking to build their team spirit. We host conferences and corporate events in an active and creative environment, characterised by a sense of community and the spirit of competition. Bosön allows you to hone your skills on the same level as elite athletes, learn from their experience and ideas, and top up your energy and motivational reserves.

Bosön is located in the lush, green surroundings of northern Lidingö. Among the cliffs and forests stands a sports facility, conference centre, hotel and restaurant, just 20 minutes from Stockholm city.

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